Saturday, October 19, 2013

An Update on Glendale, Malvern Hill, and First Deep Bottom

Civil War Trust
Support 3 Richmond Battlefields
Back in February we told you about an incredible opportunity to build on previous successes at Glendale, Malvern Hill, and First Deep Bottom, tracts of land that saw significant action during the fighting around the Confederate capital, Richmond. Since then—thanks to the generosity of our members—we have raised nearly 83% of the $271,675 needed to save these three crucial properties. This leaves us with just $46,446 left to raise to preserve these important pieces of American history forever.
Now, thanks to the help of an anonymous donor, we are even closer to saving these three battlefields. If the Civil War Trust can raise $21,446—less than 8% of the our original goal—this anonymous donor will put in the final $25,000 so we can finally declare these parcels saved!
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