Saturday, October 5, 2013

HERITAGE ALERT -- A new heritage attack has been launched at Olustee, Florida


A new heritage attack has been launched at Olustee (near Lake City, Florida), and your help is needed.

In anticipation of the 150th anniversary of the battle that protected Florida's capital from falling, the Sons of Union Veterans has obtained approval from the State of Florida Parks Department for a special monument to invading Federal forces.  The plan calls for a large black Darth Vadar-esque shaft that will disrupt the hallowed ground where Southern blood was spilled in defense of Florida, protecting Tallahassee from capture.  

We fear the State may have a legal right to do so.  Therefore, in order to stop this we must win the war through citizen objection.  

Confederate Forces won the Battle in 1864 – but will we win the 2nd Battle of Olustee and prevent this menacing monument from disrupting this hallowed Southern soil?

We can and will – but only if you take action today!



Please call or email Florida Governor Rick Scott

Call -  850-717-9418 or E-mail (from on-line form  - click here) -

Message – Please request he intervene and cause Florida Parks department not to approve a 'special' monument to one side at Olustee.  The State of Florida already did her duty in erecting a monument to Veterans of the War.  To allow a 'special' monument to one side is only divisive.

Please send this request to everyone on your list and if you have face book, post it and then share it to your like-minded friends – especially ones IN FLORIDA.


ATTN FLORIDIANS:   Please also contact your legislators by PHONE and EMAIL.  Tell them you want the Park Service's plan STOPPED. Enough is enough!

Here is a link to find your legislators (do both) - Senate:  House of Representatives:


In 1912 a Monument commemorating the Battle and Forces of Both sides was erected by a Monument Commission established by State of Florida.

Current 'balanced' text on the current Federal/Confederate/Battle Monument erected in 1912 by the Commission established by Florida Law:

"The Battle of Olustee was Fought on this Ground February 20th 1864

Between 50,000 Confederate Troops Commanded by General Joseph E. Finegan and 6,000 Federal Troops under General Truman Seymour.

The Federals were defeated with a loss of 2,000 men.  The Confederate loss was less than 1,000."

Lunelle Siegel

A Concerned Citizen for Protection of the Park