Monday, July 2, 2012

SCV Convention in Murfreesboro

Dear fellow SCV member,
            I invite you to stop by my table in the vendors' area at the upcoming SCV Convention in Murfreesboro , TN. I will be autographing and selling my book, The Gray and the Blue – A Comic Strip History of the Civil War.  Notice the order of the colors. Yeah, I know, "Civil War" is not the best name for that conflict. The original title called it the War for Southern Independence , but the publisher changed it for marketing reasons. The point is, it is a book for kids in which the war is described in cartoon drawings. It is enjoyable to readers of all ages but it is designed to appeal especially to children. Kids love it and it gives them the Southern perspective on not only the war itself, but the reasons for the war and includes a chapter on the terrible burden of Reconstruction that was imposed on the South as punishment for losing.
            If you already have a copy of The Gray and the Blue and would like me to autograph it, bring it by. I will also be offering original art work including some of the cartoons that were used in making the book. One of these would be a great gift for a kid who has and admires the book.
            Let's get acquainted. Stop by and let's talk about using this book as a fund-raiser for your camp. I have special quantity prices for camps. I also do presentations using slides taken from the cartoons in the book. I do one I call DON'T RAISE A YANKEE, that describes how this book counteracts the distorted version taught in schools and shown in movies and TV.  Other presentations cover events described in the book, for example, JACKSON 'S VALLEY CAMPAIGN.
            If you are not going to the convention and would like a copy of the book, you can get it from any bookstore. If they don't have it in stock they will be glad to order it for you. Here is what to ask for:
A Comic Strip History of the Civil War
By Charles H. Hayes
ISBN 9781589809673
Pelican Publishing Company
160 pages; 11 X 8 ½
$15.95; Paperback
You can order an autographed copy from me for $19 postpaid ($16 for the book plus $3 shipping). I regret that I cannot handle credit card purchases, but will gladly accept your check or money order. Send it to the address at the bottom of this letter.
Our children and grandchildren are being brain-washed by Northern, politically correct, interpretations of the war. Don't let them grow up despising their Southern heritage and ashamed to join the SCV. Give the youngsters that you love the truth in an appealing form. DON'T RAISE A YANKEE!
Charles Hayes
5722 Gloucester Drive
Tyler TX 75707