Thursday, June 28, 2012

Western Campaign & Confederate General Albert Sydney Johnston

As you know I collect Toy Soldiers and especially enjoy those that have a tie to my family history/ancestors. If you have collected or thought about collecting you will quickly realize that there are very few toy soldiers representing 1861-1865 in the Western Campaign and most are soldiers from back East.

I have had some discussion with the General Manager of W. Britains  and recommended a General Jo Shelby set (perhaps The Undefeated). I believe that he would like to expand into the western campaign but of course it is a business so they must produce soldiers that will sell. In our discussions I discovered one of his test soldiers for expanding into the western campaign is Confederate General Albert Sydney Johnston. So if you are interested in collecting or would like to buy a toy soldier for a gift please consider buying Confederate General Albert Sydney Johnston which can be found at one of the following links for $28.

Please forward on to others that may be interested across the United States and especially those that had ancestors in the war. Remember General Johnston is the key figure that could influence W Britains to produce soldiers that represent where our families fought. General Johnston was killed at Shiloh where many of us re-enacted this year on the 150th Anniversary. Your help is appreciated.

Remember the Bushwhackers!!!!

Troopr Bob Capps