Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reinstatement's of membership from payment of delinquent dues

   Sons of Confederate Veterans
SCV  Telegraph

June 1, 2012
As we approach the last two months of our fiscal year I have spent considerable time reviewing new member / reinstatement trends for this year and several years past. I am very pleased to report that the letter, mailed in mid-March of this year to several thousand members who became delinquent in December 2011, resulted in 296 reinstatements. Those previously lost Compatriots further demonstrated their commitment to our Cause by contributing $1,725 in much needed funds to the Heritage Defense!
The addition of nearly 300 previously lost members represents an easily explained membership increase in the past two months but partially disguised some other less favorable trends that are do not vary from year to year. June and July are consistently months that are low in new member applications and strikingly low in reinstatement figures.  Perhaps there is a lull in these activities since it is the last two months of the fiscal year but perhaps it is because members, both current and delinquent, do not realize that the prorated membership program is still available for those months. Dues proration can be especially useful to help the SCV recover those members, who for some unknown reason have been lost to our ranks. Please make a special effort to recover these men and the strength that they will add to our efforts by encouraging their return at the prorated dues amount of $42.50, which will extend their membership until July 31, 2013!
Start a new trend! Continue the spike and let's return another 300 members in the next 60 days! If one letter can return 296 members imagine what letters and telephone calls from 875 Camps can do!
Deo Vindice!
Charles Kelly Barrow
Sons of Confederate Veterans