Saturday, June 9, 2012

San Antonio Toy Soldier Show

Thought you may be interested in Edmund's Traditional Toy Soldiers. We like Edmund and his works of art. He is a Vietnam Vet and his toy soldiers and made in Anerica and all painted by Edmund.

One of the attachments has a few soldiers from my collection. You probably guessed they are Confederate. The Cherokee Braves were with Stand Watie and I am ordering Stand Watie to go with the set. My great great Uncles Commanding Officer was Stand Watie and Thomas Livingtson. As you can see its great if you can find toy soldiers that represent your ancesters unit.

The 2nd set is Terrys Texas Rangers and Edmund brought me an additional soldier with a Confederate Flag on the left end.

Edmund is working on a Quantrill set and he thought it would be ready in September at the Chicago Toy Soldier Show. He promised me the 1st set.

I thought you may be interested but most toy soldiers are made and painted in China and its nice to buy from a Vet that makes them in America. He does a lot of research to make them as historically accurate as possible.