Tuesday, July 3, 2012


By Tim Manning

Lexington Flag Rally: I love Lexington, Virginia and pastored a beautiful church for several years serving Lexington and Buena Vista, and visited the VMI campus very often. The members of this church cut their own timber, milled the wood, built the church, did their own stained glass windows and parsonage and did a beautiful wood carving on the parsonage door. I have baptized families here, performed their marriages, dedicated their babies and performed their funerals.
In 1951 I met with three men who fought under the Confederate battle flags and was raised on stories about the war told to me by my family members who survived the war. They did not all survive. Several will killed as unarmed civilians simply because they were civilians living in the South.
(We often ignore the Official Records of the U.S. Department of War that states that 80% of the U.S. war effort against the CSA was directed against civilians in order to demoralize Southern men so that they would stop resisting the invasion.)
I have taught in Virginia communities and universities for 43 years defending western civilization against incipient cultural Marxists and Marxism that have been working to undermine our classical civilization for over 400 years.
We are here today to defend civil and constitutional rights of Virginians as understood and established in the western world which we call civilization.
In 1948 British barrister and writer Sir Patrick Hastings wrote a summary of World Wars I & II: he wrote, “War is the creation of individuals not of nations.” This is so important to remember especially as we consider the consequences of Abraham Lincoln's War to Prevent Southern Independence.
We are here to defend the noble symbols and flags that represent the fight against an intrusive and violent invasion of our Virginia State by an out of control central government by the most noble men of honor during the 1860's.
We are here to fight bigotry and the anti-Southern racism and demagoguery imposed by the Marxist media in Virginia's airways.
Thomas Hobbes, who developed some of the fundamentals of European liberal social and political thought (not to be confused with American liberalism today by the extreme left), writing in the 16th century on the nature of strongly centralized governments that we generally called “empires” wrote on how empires grow their political authority and powers through playing one group in a state against another group or culture in the State.
The purpose of scheme was to convince people that the government must assume more power and authority to protect them from the evils of the past and those who posed a possible threat to them. The state constructed these straw men to socially engineer and manipulate people to further enhance their power and control over a country.
Hobbes also observed that meaningful dissent was not be permitted or tolerated. The Christians and their influence in the Roman empire had to be NULLIFIED and DELEGITIMIZED and INVALIDATED. Distinctive cultural and religious groups must be snuffed out and not permitted to have a place at the tables of public dialogue and discourse.
Hobbes called this process of invalidation “squashing the worms of the empire.”
Today this same censorship is happening right here in Virginia where the important and classical concepts of freedom and liberty were first formulated on the North American continent. Most of the first presidents and supreme court justices were from Virginia. The descendants of these honorable Founders defended the freedoms and the liberties cherished by their families in the Confederate military.
There are millions like me in the united States who remember who we are. Aside from our commitment to God and our families we still consider ourselves State citizens. As I have traveled the world and spoken in many foreign nations to college and church groups I am introduced as a “Virginian.” Some of those who lecture with me are North Carolinians, Georgians, Texans, Floridians, and so on. These flags which some leaders of Lexington now wish to no longer fly during the period we CELEBRATE Lee-Jackson Day are honored flags of Virginia and our families.
These Confederate flags represent a noble period of Virginia's history sanctified by the blood of faithful freedom loving Virginia Statesmen, and our relatives. These flags also represent us personally in our love for “government by the consent of the governed” during a time when our central government in D.C. did not forcibly rule over our State and our families. These flags represent US and we are the ones who get to define what these flags mean.
We do remember who we are and why our families risked everything to preserve the Constitution of the United States while folks in New England were burning copies of the U.S. Constitution in their streets.
My grandfather, uncles and cousins walked home from Appomattox to Norfolk, Richmond, Lexington, Williamsburg, Portsmouth, Roanoke and other smaller towns.
Those of us in the Sons of Confederate Veterans learn and honor an accurate history of our Virginia and the Confederate States of America and we seek to preserve our ancestors and U.S. Founders view of the U.S. Constitution which we consider a righteous heritage.
Heritage is what you take from the past into your life as your own. We consider these flags with their Southern St. Andrews Christian Crosses a political and spiritual symbol representing a war we call “The Last Stand of Christendom on this hemisphere. Subsequent to this war the Confederate Battle Flag of Bishop-General Leonidas Polk became the universal symbol of the Christian churches.
Take a quick look at South Africa where consideration was granted to the non-white majority as the population changed they:
1.      first targeted the destruction of their national symbols
2.      changed the names of roads and bridges,
3.      changed the names of schools
4.      changed the names of cities
5.      changed the pictures on their currency to avoid the pictures of old heroes now considered white racists and slave owners
6.      NOW, their inner cities are falling into disrepair
7.      their history is being rewritten
8.      roads and building falling into disrepair
9.      invasions of private land and property are tolerated
10.  the owners of this property are being killed
11.  only 9% of murderers are put in jail
12.  legal authorities are being bribed and it is OK
13.  criminals are voted into office
14.  Your tax dollars will go to those who don’t earn and don’t pay
15.  organizations that used to have access to state funds such as old age homes, the arts, and veteran’s services, are simply abandoned
Once you lose social, cultural, religious and political dominance, there is no getting it back again.
You see, it is not our flags that the egalitarians and socialists of modernity hate and we know that. It is us they hate because of our Christianity and our dedication still to the U.S. Founders view of the U.S. Constitution. We consider the prohibition of these flags as a hate crime against us. Sowing the winds of hatred against traditional thinking Southerners will in time reap the whirlwinds of a fragmented State.
Lee-Jackson Day is a time honored State Holiday. It is treasonous to prevent us from flying the symbols under which these men of excellent character offered their lives for our freedoms and our liberty. This holiday is our memorial service to their memory which is a form of religious service.
I invite the city representatives to not participate in this still new politics of hate and fear and permit us to continue to fly our flags in the city as we have done for so many years. The lack of the free expression of diversity by the Lexington City Council is exemplary of totalitarian states. Diversity is limited by the intolerance of our leaders. Freedom is tough and often sloppy offending the weak of mind and heart.
Freedom is more defined, not by what it advocates, but more by what it tolerates. The Lexington City Council has an opportunity to step forward and put freedom into practice. Blocking our diversity is NOT the city's right, nor is it a moral right. Practicing our diversity is our moral right and it is representative of the best values contained in the American View of Freedom and Liberty. Our freedom is being held hostage to the New World Order. A responsible people would not and will not permit this.
The greatest threat to American hegemony with its all consuming militant fascism is still the U.S. Founder's view of the U.S. Constitution which was so vigorously defended by the Southern people during Lincoln's War to Prevent Southern Independence.
The South was and is a classical civilization and culture still capable of understanding the Founder's view, because of their classicist western culture with its deeply spiritual orthodox Biblical view of the nature of human government and culture. These views remain a hated enigma to secularist humanists and their egalitarian political ideology that thrives in democracies.
They do not fear violence from Southerner's so much as the universal appeal of Southern political views when given a chance in the political arena. This is why Marxist propagandists use U.S. slavery and American/yankee Nativism (racism) as a smoke screen diversion when discussing Lincoln's war.
This is why there is no real objective discussion on race and racism. Whites must be automatically considered racist in order to use guilt manipulation to establish a communist world view. The goal of totalitarian socialism is not socialism, but it serves as a “softer” route to communism.
The constitutional issues of freedom and liberty must not be permitted at the table of public dialogue and discussion where the Founder's views would be presented by Southern voices. This is why the FBI/NSA/CIA have heavily invested in infiltrating SCV State organizations and camps and other Southern heritage and political movements and societies from the very time the SCV was formed over 100 years ago.
No, it is not our Confederate Battle Flags that they fear or the discovery of their false flag attacks on our Southern symbols and political leaders that they fear, but they do fear a rebirth of the Founder's view of constitution government with its threatening freedom and liberty that limits, controls and holds government and its servants fully accountable.
U.S. egalitarians fear the moral foundations of orthodox Christians that cannot be so easily manipulated by the political whims and ever-changing winds of social engineering with its consequential social disorder that so marks socialist societies. No, it is not our flags they fear, it is Christians they fear. They fear us.
We must be MARGINALIZED, we must be DELEGITIMIZED, we must be INVALIDATED and seen as IRRELEVANT to the rising new social order, the new world order. The heart of the South beats faintly, it is not well, but it is still alive and it is gaining new support and enthusiasm. Well, we will not go away, we will not change and we will NOT SO SILENTLY INTO THE NIGHT.