Sunday, July 29, 2012

Greetings from Pine Mountain, Georgia... e-mail from H.K. Edgerton

Greetings from Pine Mountain, Georgia...

Chief Gilmore, (Miss Argatha)

I am so proud of you! After reading my e-mail from H.K. Edgerton I am smiling, beaming like unto a opossum! The scandalous attempt to replace you, one who has proved that she stands on principals and honesty in the political world that we live in today has slain the Dragon. Or at least you applied a full measure of goose egg on the face of the Dragon!

I am retired after 35 years of law enforcement and public service and know how difficult it is to do what you and your loving supporters have done. Sometimes those who resist a good person doing good work in public service are just plain evil. Other times they are just misinformed and miss guided by those who have an agenda that flies in the face of progress to close the gap between Blacks and Whites who without their interference would for the most part live in harmony and love each other as God intended. You are a good example of how hearts and spirits can be connected only by our mutual understanding and the knowledge that, Black or White, we think alike. Our hearts are always reaching out and we are happy when we cross paths with someone of like mind and spirit. We do not always agree on everything but we are heading in the same direction for a good purpose.

When I read of H.K. I had the same feeling of kindred spirit. Now I must add you to my list of Heroes. My children and my grandchildren will know your names and learn your stories of standing alone if need be for right and the good of all those you serve.

I pray that you will accept this small letter as a gigantic vote of confidence and  an expression of love from one who is thinking of you as you walk up the steps of the "Ivory Tower" in Lake City, Florida with your head held high knowing if "God be for you, who can be against you!"

With all my admiration and love I am, John Anderson
(Retired Ranger, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)