Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SCV Telegraph-News and results from the 2012 Reunion

   Sons of Confederate Veterans 

                                 SCV  Telegraph

News and results from the 2012 Reunion

Proposed constitutional amendments one and two pertaining to allowing camps to secede from their divisions were defeated. Proposed constitutional amendment three dealing with a minor wording change to section 13.4 dealing with discipline was approved.

Proposed standing order amendment number one was withdrawn by the author, and proposed standing order amendment number two, clarifying language dealing with the prohibition of SCV members, camps and divisions from filing lawsuits without prior express consent of the GEC, was approved.

A paper ballot was used to select Richmond, Virginia as the 2015 site of the 120th SCV Annual General Reunion.

Officers elected for 2012-2014

Commander in Chief- R. Michael Givens
Lt. Commander in Chief- C. Kelly Barrow

Commander- M. Todd Owens
Councilman- Charles E. Lauret

Commander- Thomas V. Strain, Jr
Councilman- Larry Allen McCluney

Commander- Britton Frank Earnest ,Sr
Councilman-Randall B Burbage

Also selected to serve on the General Executice Council

Chief of Staff- Charles L. Rand III
Adjutant in Chief- Stephen Lee Ritchie
Chief of Heritage Defense- Eugene G Hogan II
Chaplain in Chief- Mark W. Evans
Judge Advocate in Chief- Roy Burl McCoy

2012 National Awards

Dr. George R. Tabor Award is presented to the most distinguished camp in the SCV. The winner of this prestigious award, which is an extremely close competition every year, is the Finley's Brigade Camp 1614 of Havana FL, Graham F. Smith, Commander.


Dr. B. H. Webster Award for the best Scrapbook for camps with fewer than 50 members was not awarded in 2012 as no entries were received.

Judah P. Benjamin Award for the best Scrapbook for camps with 50 or more members is the Robert E. Lee Camp 239 of Fort Worth TX, James B. Turnage, Commander.

Dr. James B. Butler Award for the best historical project was won by Litchfield Camp 132, Conway, SC, James E. Graham, Commander.

General Stand Watie Award winner for the camp making the largest contribution to the Stand Watie Scholarship Fund was not awarded in 2012.

Best Web Site- General Samuel Cooper Award for the best website is the William Kenyon Australian Confederates Camp 2160, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. http://www.scvau.com/ James M. Gray, Commander.


Dr. Paul Jon Miller Award winner for the best newsletter among camps with fewer than 50 members is The Round Mountain Report which is produced by the COL Daniel N. McIntosh Camp 1378, Tulsa OK, Kenneth H. Cook, Editor.

S.A. Cunningham Award for the best newsletter among camps with 50 or more members is The Louisiana Tiger which is produced by the LTG Richard Taylor Camp 1308, Shreveport LA, Bobby G. Herring, Editor.

Dewitt Smith Jobe Award for the best Division newsletter is a tie and two awards were given to The Carolina Confederate, North /Carolina Division, Ron Perdue, Editor and the Palmetto Partisan, South Carolina Division, Bill Norris, Editor.


Edward R. Darling Award for the top recruiter in the Confederation is awarded to
Kyle Sims, a member of the COL Middleton Tate Johnson Camp 1648, Arlington
TX. Compatriot Sims recruited 37 new members.


General Nathan Bedford Forrest Award for the camp with the greatest gain in membership (plus 39 net) goes to COL W. M. Bradford/COL J. G. Rose Camp 1638, Morristown TN, Michael L. Beck, Commander.

New Camps, Division- General A. P. Hill Award is a tie with five new camps each, and is awarded to the North Carolina Division, Thomas M. Smith Jr, Commander and the Georgia Division, Jack Bridwell, Commander.

New Camps, Army- General Albert Sydney Johnston Award for the Army with the greatest gain in new camps, a total of 12, goes to the Army of Trans-Mississippi, W. Danny Honnoll, Commander.

Individual Awards

Hoover Law and Order Medal was presented to Sheriff Larry Dever, Cochise
County, AZ.

Rev. J. William Jones Christian Service Award is presented to Reverend Eric Gray
Rudd (NC), Reverend David Andrew Taylor (AR), and a posthumous award to
Reverend Jack Ray Griffin (AZ) all three of whom have emulated and perpetuated
the orthodox Christian faith demonstrated by the soldiers and citizens of the
Confederate States of America.

Robert E. Lee Gold Medal, the second highest award which can be given to a SCV
member, has been presented to Eugene G. Hogan II (SC), B. Frank Earnest Sr.
(VA), and Thomas Y. Hiter (KY) for their exceptional contributions and service to the
Jefferson Davis Chalice has been presented to Bragdon R. Bowling Jr. (VA).  This is
the highest award which may be bestowed on a member for service to the SCV and
consists of an engraved silver chalice, a medal and a certificate.

Non Member Awards

The S. D. Lee Award, the SCV's highest award for nonmembers of the SCV was
presented to Pam Trammell of Arkansas.

The Horace L. Hunley Award, the SCV's second highest award for nonmembers was
presented to Allen Roberson of South Carolina.

The Dixie Defender Award, the SCV's third highest award for nonmembers was
presented to Sarah Mosley of South Carolina.