Monday, July 30, 2012

10th Alabama marker

10th Alabama marker

The upcoming marker dedication service for the 10th Alabama at Bristow Station, Virginia will be held on September 22nd at 10 AM EST. To update everyone, the stone is in place, the plaques have been delivered and are being installed on the stone. Cosmetic work is being done in the marker area.

The bus trip to Bristow fell through due to the lack of support but I am hopeful that Alabamians will still make the trip own their own to help honor these Confederate heroes. The recommended hotel is the Hampton Inn at Manassas.

One of the areas we need help with is in the collection of Alabama soil. One part of the program will have us spreading soil from the counties the men of the 10th represented. We already have a 5 gallon bucket from St. Clair County. We need buckets from DeKalb, Calhoun, Shelby, Talladega and Jefferson Counties. There were 10 companies total so we need 10 buckets. We need 2 from Talledega, 1 from Shelby, 1 from Jefferson, 3 from Calhoun, 1 from Dekalb and 1 more from St. Clair county.

We also will need volunteers to spread the soil in Virginia as part of the program. I need to provide a list to the person in charge of the program no later than August 5th so if you know you are going to Bristow and would like to be one of the 10 men to spread the soil over the graves of these men please let me know.

Jimmy Hill
1st Lt. Commander
Alabama Division, SCV