Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Letter to Chief Gilmore, Lake City, Florida

Lake City, Florida
Chief Gilmore,

On behalf of the Lt. F.C. Frazier Camp 668 & Laura Wesson Chapter 5 of High Point, we would like to express our appreciation for your courage and stand for what is right against all of those who do not and fail to want to understand our heritage which we are blessed from our forebears.

I've attached newsletter I think you will enjoy and photo of HK and I with our beloved Real Daughter of Confederate Veteran Mattie Clyburn Rice. She is blessing and we enjoy sharing wonderful times with her each month in our meetings. She is also a hero who stood for what is right and had the courage to honor her father despite all of those who said she was crazy and no way any black man fought for the Confederacy. Guess they are just victims of Reconstruction and believe the propaganda.

God Bless You and remember they only attack those who stand for what is right...

Ron Perdue
Lt. F.C. Frazier Camp 668