Friday, July 13, 2012

Beauvoir's Fall Muster, 2012

Beauvoir's Fall Muster, 2012
Dear Friends, Compatriots, and Fellow Reenactors,
Unfortunately there is a 150th event going on in Central Mississippi at the same time of Beauvoir's Fall Muster. In spite of this conflict of schedules Fall Muster will carry on. It is imperative that we keep to our plans for Fall Muster. Fall Muster has become a Gulf Coast tradition and this is an important fund raising event for Beauvoir.
I know that the Sesquicentennial only comes once and I certainly understand a person's desire to participate in a 150th event. I wish the very best for the event in Raymond.   However, if you do not plan to attend the Raymond event, Beauvoir needs you. Fall Muster is scheduled for October 19-21, 2012.
By now most of you know which event you will be attending. With that being said, we need a head count. If you plan to attend the Fall Muster at Beauvoir please contact me at Please provide the name of your unit and how many folks are coming with you. There will also be a similar message posted on Facebook. Hope to see a bunch of ya'll at Fall Muster, 2012.
Please feel free to pass this message along to other interested participants.
Best regards,
Terry W. "Beetle" Bailey
Friends of Fall Muster