Saturday, August 3, 2013


Gentlemen of the Army of Trans-Mississippi,

With the recent exciting and very successful 118th National Reunion of our Grand O...rganization behind us, it was a pleasure and honor to serve you as your Councilman, to see old friends, to put faces to the names of many I have made email contact with during my first year as Councilman and meet and make new friends. I hope that those of you who attended left Vicksburg as excited and fired up as I did. Wonderful thing, those Reunions, they have a knack of getting the membership pumped up and allows us to see first hand how our organization works and that there are many that share the common purpose to defend the memory and honor of our Confederae Ancestors with sincerity, grit and determination. All those things, and my desire to continually serve our organization, has led me to the desire to step up once again and serve you, the men of the ATM, as your Commander in 2014. I am proud to announce my candidacy for and am fervently seeking the position at the 119th Annual Reunion which will be held next year in North Charleston, South Carolina.

As Councilman, I have been very involved on the General Executive Council with many issues affecting our organization. As many of you know, Vision 2016 has been on the front burner as we seek ways to increase our membership at a time where we seem to be slipping on both recruiting and more important, retention! I still see the Vision as a viable goal to not only increase our membership, but to strengthen in many different
ways our organization and our quest to fulfill The Charge. It is my belief that, as we move forward through the Sesquicentennial of Our War for Southern Independence observance and with the Vision as a plan for development and success, the SCV requires its members to step up in ways we have never considered to serve the efforts and goals of the organization. I am prepared to continue to do that! I am also very excited at the prospect of "taking the offensive" as was proposed by CiC Givens and seemed to really fire up the membership at the Reunion! My first year on the General Executive Council as your Councilman has been enriching and opened my eyes to the many important things going on that affect our organization and require the attention of members ready and able to take on the task!

If you want someone with the success of the SCV and the ATM in mind, someone with a proven track record of dedication to service on all levels and someone ever mindful that all we do is for the honor of our glorious Confederate Ancestors, I ask for your support in sending me to serve as your representative as ATM Commander on the General Executive Council in 2014. Semper Fidelis and God Bless our Confederation!

Your Obedient Servant,

Charles Lauret
ATM Councilman