Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Marching shoes?

From: johough@swbell.net


When Southerners learn the emerging truth about Lincoln's execution, they may join me in wishing he had stayed around longer to fight his own fellow REPUBLICANS who knocked him off.  Some Southerners already have been exposed to this amazing truth—that Lincoln's own Party Radicals (the controlling Marxists) bumped him off and, cleverly gulled a Southerner into doing that job;  thus creating for themselves an ever-worshipped martyr—somebody constantly admiringly referred to and claimed as "their" hero by both McCain-Romney Republicans and Obama-Clinton-Democrats. Lincoln, once dead, was once again in favor with his Marxist, fellow Republican Party members.  They could officially LOVE him when he was longer trying to "split" their party (as he had done before his second election when he, briefly, created himself a "new" Party.  What was its name?

Yes, the Communist-Republicans LOVED their Lincoln once he was dead and no longer attempting to take the rich SPOILS associated with RECONSTRUCTION away from them.

But back to the treatment of Confederate Jack Hunter.

Is it not odd how Republicans can give such lip service to tolerance of other folk's personal opinions until those opinions clash with theirs?  Why can't I love the flag my family men fought under, were injured under, died under?  Why can't I safely fly it over my house?  Why did the Republican Party give me only McCain, the Confederate flag hater,  to vote for?    Why did Confederate male descendants allow it, falsely, made into the flag of slavery when the U.S. flag was, actually, the flag of that?  Why do my fellow Americans allow folks (even in my government) to stomp on my rights— those guaranteed me in the Bill of Rights?  Why have folks still capable of thinking allowed our nation to be turned into, of all awful things, a Democracy?

Why have Southerners—Confederates, especially, failed to awaken to the truth of the role of Communism and its exponents, the 1848ers in the engineering of the Republican-US.  Genocide and Holocaust in our South?  Why have no apologies been forthcoming from the grand old, started by Commie, Republican Party leaders, concerning the torture their Party members, in control of  the U.S. Senate,  voted must be administered to helpless, imprisoned Confederate boys—some as young as 12-14 years of age?  Why no apologies about the torture of Southern civilians?  Why no apologies about the desecration of our churches?  Why no apologies about the rapes of our women—the white ones and the black ones?

Why can illegals swarm into the streets of my city carrying the flag of Communism and nobody seems to care?   Not a single one of them has been shot because of the flag they march under, have they?  But little white Southern boys have.    Why is it ok for Republicans to declare Ron Paul crazy and treat his followers like that ring around a toilet bowl, Why is it the Monster-genocide and Holocaust inflictor,  Lincoln,  must be LOVED because the politicians and brainwashed historians all now declare him Papa Martyr, a Christian, which he was not, the great emancipator, when he freed nobody, and the "compassionate": killer of Southerners—a man whose own follower reported laughed when Sherman told him of all the women and children sprawled dead in those cities where Southern civilians had no protective warriors?

Why do some folks continue to believe that the Republican Party CAN BE SAVED?

What would happen to me if I, a little white hair lady soon to be 83, walked down a main street in Houston carrying the flag of my heart?   I'd be courting death.  Why?

Because those fantastically, fanatical and evil Marxist-Republican propagandists in the 1800s seeded the New World Order storms looming over our heads today and because the 1800s Communists managed to alter our U.S. Constitution—demolish our Republic—turn us into a DEMOCRACY (UG!)_  and transfer every single one of the "ten commandments in their bible (The Communist Manifesto) right into our U.S. government.  In addition they took over the Democratic Party—so now they control BOTH Parties— and to add to the unearthly miasma,  they are dragging us all into their Communist New World Order — and a world  without borders.

Aren't we lucky?

If Jack Hunter wants to lead a new Southern parade— he should be applauded and we should all put on our marching shoes. If he or anyone can arrange it so I can safely tote my flag in plain sight in public anywhere in my nation, I'll smile all the way to Heaven.

Confederate hugs,

Joan Hough