Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fund Request Deadline

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                                               Heritage Rally 2014
The Budget and Finance Committee will review funding requests prior to the Fall GEC (General Executive Council) meeting. Those requests must be received no later than September 23, 2013 and must be received in one of two formats, to be considered at that time!
  1. It is preferred that requests and supporting documentation be sent as attachments to an email message directed to Adjutant-in-Chief Ritchie ( and Executive Director Sewell ( 
  1. If you send the request and supporting documents in hard-copy format, they must be sent to AIC Ritchie, Executive Director Sewell and Army Commanders Earnest, Strain and Owens, who also serve on the Budget and Finance Committee. Mailing addresses can be found on the National Committee page at:

  2. Those requesting funds should read the Funding Proposal Guidelines found on the Forms and Documents page of at:

    The form to be used to make a Funding Request is also on the Forms and Documents page at:

    The information requested on the form is the minimum that is needed to consider a request. Those making requests are encouraged to submit supporting information if it helps clarify the purpose and other particulars of the project.

If you have any questions regarding the guidelines, form or process, please contact me.

Stephen Lee Ritchie
(765) 759-8038