Saturday, August 31, 2013

Franconia Museum Rose Hill Raid Reenactment - September 29, 2013


Experience the reenactment of Confederate Raider John Singleton Mosby's dramatic capture of Union Colonel Daniel Dulany at the Rose Hill manor house. The house no longer exists, but the reenactment will occur at its exact spot on a bluff in Rose Hill that overlooks the valley leading to Mount Vernon and the Potomac River. Emboldened by the capture of Union General Stoughton in Fairfax and the Herndon Raid earlier in the year, Mosby set out to capture the Union recognized Governor of Virginia in Alexandria, but settled for his aide in nearby Rose Hill.

Witness Dulany's capture by Mosby and his men on horseback at the exact location at the end of May Boulevard where it occurred 150 years ago. Learn that one of Mosby's Raiders was Dulany's son, French.  Gather at the nearby Rose Hill Elementary School for a narration of the Rose Hill Raid by noted local historian and Mosby expert Don Hakenson.  Hear from modern day reenactors who have assumed the role of the Colonel and Mosby. Listen to excerpts from the diary of Anne Frobel who lived at nearby Wilton Hill and although a Southern sympathizer, was a friend of the Union colonel.

John S. Mosby will be played by noted Living Historian Jimmy Fleming.  Colonel Dulany will be played by David Hillier, whose wife, Susan Hillier, will portray Ann Frobel.  All will be in period garb.

The capture will take place at approximately noon and Dulany will be taken to the school for the program, sponsored by the Franconia Museum and the Rose Hill Civic Association. Come early to witness the capture and the program. Please do NOT park on May Boulevard across from the school.

As part of the program, Hakenson and the Franconia Museum will display items worn and used by some of Mosby's men who lived in the Franconia area. The Museum will present artifacts from the local area which are part of its collection. The seven books in the series "Franconia Remembers" will be on sale, as well as Civil War books by Hakenson and other local authors.

The Rose Hill Elementary PTA will have refreshments on sale. Enjoy songs by the fabulous Carter Gospel Singers as part of the program.  Come and witness the reenactment, learn about the raid, hear from the reenactors and browse through the various collections of Civil War and Franconia memorabilia.