Wednesday, August 14, 2013

General Robert Edward Lee


Please permit me to intrude of a moment of your time.  I have just finished reading the four volume, Pulitzer prize winning biography of Lee by Douglas S. Freeman.  To save you time, let me say that anyone who reads and understands the life and character of this remarkable man would have no problem with discussing with anyone that he is hands down the finest, most noble leader this continent has ever produced.  I say that because one can't help but be awed by the competence, fairness, integrity, compassion, intelligence, determination and devotion of this true Virginia gentleman. If you decide to bow to the ignorant, the politically correct and remove the            picture of the man for which your county is named, I beg of you to permit me to own the portrait.  I will pay for all packing, shipping and handling and will place it in a place of honour by my great grandfather who fought with him to perpetuate the principles that this once great country was founded on.


David Ware, a proud Virginian
Yorktown VA