Saturday, August 30, 2014


By Joan Hough

I thank with a grateful heart my precious new Confederate friends Elaine and Doug Collings who surprised me with a subscription to the wonderful "Confederate Veteran" magazine.   A moment ago I stole the time and managed to read just a little bit in the "Confederate Veteran" July/August issue and I began reading the Report of R. Michael Givens, the Commander-In-Chief of the .  His essay is a marvelous "lalapalooza" of an article entitled "THE TRUTH." And does that guy tell it!  He begins by quoting George Orwell: "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

With those words Givens informed me that I would not just like, but would value what I was about to read.

I was greatly intrigued when I read Givens' statement, "Marxian revolution is Jacobin, as are many forms of contemporary political criticism," He continued,  "The revolution we, the SCV, are engaged in is akin to the Glorious Revolution of 1688.  He added that our enemies are "invested in the total transformation of society into a victim state." Cogently connecting the dots from the present right back to the past, he then clearly defines our present situation:   "The enemies of the South are undeniably waging a Jacobin revolution"  [Emphasis added].

His recognition of the Marxian machinations rates a hurrah.  He is well aware who tainted historical truth—who taught out and out lies to generations of Americans and who remains the hidden causative factor in America's present chaos.   Givens' and the Sons decision to take up arms in the sea of trouble, so to speak, appears to indicate this is not to be a mere "defense," but also an "attack!"

Givens declares that the members of the SCV "are seriously at war for the truthful recognition of our forefathers' deeds" and that the War is a serious war for the minds and hearts of Americans.  He stated, "It is for this reason that I have "instituted what some have called the most important steps the SCV has taken since the inception of our revered organization in 1896."

He is referring to a two part program of the SCV's which includes the transformation of the CONFEDERATE VETERAN magazine into an "educational journal with the purpose of presenting essays designed to increase the knowledge of the truthful events leading up to and during the War for Southern Independence and how they affect us today and our children in the future."

Translated, the good Commander is saying that now the Sons are going to fight in earnest for the PRINCIPLES of our Confederate family members and their leaders.  The Sons are now totally dedicating themselves to the fight for TRUTH!  The battle is begun! The true motives that caused the South to secede –the principles—go far, far beyond the slavery that the Jacobin-convinced folks have fastened on it –and used as brainwash.   The hatred sown against our beloved Battle flag is another of the clever propaganda techniques making it absolutely necessary that the enemies of truth receive their comeuppance.

I am greatly anticipating reading the Commander's essay in its entirety.   For now I say Hurrah and Hurrah again!

And while I wait to read, I am ruminating over the horror that The Victors of the War of Northern Aggression have tried to make us all think like Yankees, act like Yankees and worst of all--talk just like Yankees—telling us that we sound stupid with our Southern accents—that only stupid folks hold on to worn out memories of a north that did the South wrong and a flag that only a Simon Legree could be proud of!  (They seem to have conveniently forgotten that Harriet Beecher Stowe's Simon was, just like them, a Yankee—and that for the years in its beginning the nation was governed by men speaking with beautiful Southern dialects.  And they forget that the renowned public speaker, Winston Churchill said that in his opinion the best speech in the world included the "melody of the South, " and that the most beautiful speech in the world was that of an educated Southern lady.)