Thursday, August 28, 2014

Confederates Under Attack


To All:
With all the places anything Confederate comes under attack, Confederate, flags, monuments, statues, cemeteries, etc. We need to respond by comparing those things in colonial America to those same things & parallels as those in the South 1861 – 1865 because, they were & are. If the excuse of slavery by a few is all it takes to get Confederate Flags & the rest of it removed from places like the chapel & tomb of Gen. Lee at Washington & Lee University. Then why are the symbols of colonial America not attacked? I suspect that after the Confederate ones are erased they will be.
And this is why, President George Washington & Martha owned slaves, why isn`t this period of history considered racist & offensive as well? Why not remove all Revolutionary War Flags as America had slaves in every colony then as well? Some Northern States still had slaves in 1860 – 1865 until congress freed them, well after the war. Gen. Grants excuse for still having slaves was: good help is hard to find." I imagine Southern planters felt the same way about their slaves.
So, why is it alright to honor & revere the first 80 years of America`s history, people & symbols when it was a mirror image of those things that are now considered bad in the South? Doing away with Confederate flags because 5% or less of the Southern population owned slaves makes as little sense as refusing to let colonial period flags fly at the grave, monument, statues etc. of the founding fathers of America.
There is not one difference between the two time periods & people both allowed & had slaves. Were this not so the founding fathers would have included in the Declaration of Independence or U.S. Constitution that all slaves were immediately free. However, they did not & for the same reasons as the South did not in the 1860`s.
When defending the South remember to use this comparison of the South to colonial America. Ask reporters, teachers & everyone else to please explain why one is good & the other bad as both allowed slavery. You will baffle them every time as there is no difference.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama