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Greetings from North Carolina! Each month a different ConfederateLINKS collection will be featured for you to explore. We want each patron to fully understand the benefits of each collection. As things are today, many are simply unable to purchase collectables from The War for Southern Independence (1861-1865). Items are either unavailable or too expensive. By making available the digital versions of important historical documents, ConfederateLINKS collections present an inexpensive way and allow you the satisfaction of collecting a part of Southern history. It’s one thing to listen to a presentation or read about it in a book, it’s another to read the documents for yourself firsthand. Collecting important historical documents, and reading them for yourself, allows you to form your own opinions, based on truth, rather than what others want you to hear. At ConfederateLINKS, we think that's important.

You are cordially invited to explore this month's SPOTLIGHT and ALL otherConfederateLINKS Collections.

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Monthly Spotlight - August 2014

LINKS to the Old South. Transport yourself back in time to the days of the Antebellum South. You’ll not get closer to the “old South” than with these books, magazines, and journals; over 475 titles. The magazines and journals will give you an idea of the things they were reading. The book downloads, will help you understand their lives and the culture they lived in. The old times will not be forgotten, if we do our part and not look away from how things used to be. We must keep ourselves educated to understand how they lived and the way they lived. Educating ourselves today is doing our part of remembering. This CD is your LINK to the Old South!

TITLES INCLUDE: The Southern Planter; The Southern Review; The Southern and Western Literary Messenger and Review; Southern Literary Messenger; North Carolina Planter; A History of the Southern States; Lyddy- a tale of the old South; Studies of the old South; The Refined Poetry of the South; Christy’s Plantation Melodies; The South in the Olden Time; Cullings from the Confederacy, A Collection of Southern Poems, Original and Others, Popular During the War Between the States; Statesmen of the Old South or From Radicalism to Conservative Revolt; The Cotton Kingdom - a Chronicle of the Old South; The Call of the South; The Old South Historical Work; A Handbook of the South; The Old Plantation Melodies; The Creed of the Old South; Poems of the “Old South”; The Old South; Half-hours in Southern History; The Old South, a monograph; Sam Williams- a Tale of the Old South; Three Centuries of Southern Poetry; The Sunny South; The Sunny South and its People; Pioneers of the Old South; The Old South and the New. A series of Letters; Irene Liscomb - a story of the Old South; The Old South Work; The Old South and the New- a Complete Illustrated History of the Southern States; The Glen- a story of the South; Old South Leaflets, Old South Association; Old South Leaflets, Old South Association; The Old South; Essays Social and Political; Uncle Isaac or Old Days in the South - a Remembrance of the South; The Empire of the South, Southern Railway Company; Immortelles. A tribute to the “Old South”; Richardson’s Defense of the South; “Zulma” a story of the Old South; A Southern Planter - Social Life in the Old South; Educational Statesmanship in the South; Famous Old Receipts used a Hundred Years and More in the kitchens of the North and the South; The Old South and the New; Collection of Revival Hymns and Plantation Melodies; Culinary Echoes from Dixie; Songs of the Old South; Verses and Drawings; Gardening for the South; Dishes & Beverages of the Old South, The Original Classic Edition; and many others.

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