Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ivy Hill Vandalized Cemetery


Ivy Hill Cemetery in Smithfield has almost 70 Confederate Veterans in it. All but a couple of their graves have Iron Crosses or small aluminum crosses on them. It appears that someone went in last night and knocked over 17 of the Iron Crosses and broke several of their stakes off in the process. I was called and met the cemetery director up there to survey the damage.  We got some more assistance from the cemetery directors and my Camp and put the unbroken ones back in place and took out the others for repair.

A police report was filed by the director and he said the police told him that they considered it a hate crime. I hope they catch the miscreants especially if they go back to finish the job.

Nothing is sacred anymore.

Totally disgusted,

Tony Griffin
Commander - Isle of Wight Avengers Camp #14
Lt Commander - Virginia Division SCV