Saturday, August 30, 2014



To the Editor:
So going after Confederate flags, monuments, statues & symbols were not enough for liberal yankees & the minorities they have brainwashed with 150 years of continued Reconstruction & counting. Now the yankees who work at Oak Ridge Tennessee want to change the accents of native Southerners who work there & live in the area.
It would seem that since those yankees now live & work in the South it is they who do not fit in & should do some changing. When I served in the military all that I ever tried to do was my duty & to mind my own business. However, busy body, meddling yankees are not content to do the same & live & let live. They try to tell you how they did everything up nawth & why everyone else should do the same.
They are forever on what they view as their God given right to change everyone & everything into their own image. Perhaps, their mentality is why America has been in one war after another for the past 150 years, they cannot leave other people alone to live their lives as they choose to do.
In the movie Braveheart the English king said, "the only thing wrong with Scotland is that its full of Scots." Today's yankee translation is, "the only thing wrong with the South is that its full of Southerners." But, liberal yankees just cannot imagine or figure out why they are hated even though its self-inflicted.
This might come as a shock to yankees but, you are not always right & others are not always wrong.

Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.