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"Remember, it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations."

– Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee, Commander-General United Confederate Veterans, New Orleans, 25 April 1906

I hope to see you at the upcoming Civil War Relic Show during June 21—22 in Brandon, Mississippi. I will be attending as a vendor signing my book, The Gray and the Blue. I invite you to come by my table and consider using this book as a camp fund raiser.

An ideal introduction to the war for anyone, this presentation is particularly suited to children as an antidote to the politically correct view they will encounter at school and on television. It presents the Southerners as exercising their Constitutional right to withdraw from the United States. When Lincoln resorted to force to prevent Southerners from establishing their own form of government, the resulting war became the dramatic highpoint of American history.

Funny Pictures—Serious History

"I consider it to be one of the best-researched books on this war that I have ever read. It is an important source for my next Pelican book."

--Lt. Col. Tom C. McKenney, USMC (ret.), author of Jack Hinson's One Man War.

"This book is wonderful. It brings the truth about the War Between the States in a fun, accurate, easy to read form. I recommend it for all ages."

--Nedra T. Johnson, Dixie Diva

"Simply the most accurate, scholarly and straightforward writing on this period of history. The cartoons are serious, funny, and humorous all at the same time."

--Gary W. Price

The regular retail price for The Gray and the Blue is $15.95. My quantity wholesale price to museums, schools, and SCV camps is $10 plus shipping. If you pick them up from me at the Relic Show in quantities of four or more for your camp, there will be no shipping cost. That is, the price will be $15.95 each for fewer than four copies and $10 each for four or more. They have been successfully used as fund raisers by camps reselling them to members at retail.

If you are not attending the Brandon Relic Show but are interested in using the book as a fund raiser, you can order one signed copy from me for $19 postpaid. Pass it around among members at your next meeting and take orders. The quantity price is $11 each postpaid in quantities of four or more.

From History to Mystery

I will also be signing copies of my latest book, The Briefcase, a novel set in the present-day South. It's about a man who fulfills the request of a dying friend by destroying a briefcase without opening it. The trouble is somebody doesn't believe he didn't open the briefcase and learn a secret worth killing for. 

"It is a great read, a real page turner--just what I expected from a writer as talented as Charles Hayes." – James Ronald Kennedy, co-author of The South was Right.

"The very first sentence will capture the reader, creating a desire to read it all; and, having read it all, he will wish for more." – Lieutenant Colonel Tom C. McKenney, USMC (Ret), award-winning author of Jack Hinson's One-Man War.

The price for The Briefcase is $12.95 in bookstores. You can order a signed copy from me for $15 postpaid.  Both signed books for $25 postpaid.

You can read more about both books on my home page,

I can't do credit cards but I accept checks or money orders for signed copies at the address at the bottom.

The Briefcase - $15.95 ($12.95 plus $3 shipping).

The Gray and the Blue - $18.95 ($15.95 plus $3 shipping)

Both signed books - $25 postpaid

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