Thursday, December 26, 2013

The American Heritage Series by David Barton

I am presently on a journey to create a course titled Christianity and the Founding of this Nation!  In that journey I have been led by God to watch a 10 CD set titled The American Heritage Series by David Barton.  This series is so startling, so revealing a story you do not know concerning the creation of the United States that it will literally rock your world.  We are so misled by the supreme Court, by our universities and professors and by the main stream media that when you see this you are going to get angry.  Our heritage has been stolen.

Now, if you are of the Southern persuasion I ask you to understand that no man can be perfect in his understanding of history.  Clearly Mr. Barton is a Unionist.  But that Unionist sentiment is easily identified and is a very small portion of the over all story.  What he says is so important, and so vital to our future I strongly urge you to consider his words.

Where Barton is so valuable is his understanding and telling of the relationship between the greater Christian church, God and the people who settled and created the original United States.  This story is so widely wrongly taught that our nation and our people are blind to our own history.  It is vitally important because Barton's history, heavily documented, could not do a better job of illustrating the Christian nature of the concept of America and our governing system.

The information provided by Barton is strategic in terms of the Culture War raging within the United States.  We are losing.  We are on the verge of losing the second greatest idea - reality ever.  Barton's work provides and intellectual arsenal for the Culture War.  One great asset of Barton's work is his providing books and places for you to go to further your knowledge of the Christian nature of this nation.  Over and over, through ten CD's and probably 30 hours of instruction he shows you where to go.  This is not the end, it is the beginning of the journey to rebuild, REVIVE America.

We, our nation, needs this.  We will lose a tremendous gift given by God if we don't act.  Our children and grandchildren will suffer, they will live in a Third World nation if we don't get a handle on this.

I know, Kelly says I rant.  God gave me my sight, I tell you this is important.

Barton has an organization Wall builders, and a website

God Bless you, Mark