Thursday, December 5, 2013


Friends of Southern Heritage, despite the overwhelming weight of comments (including may of yours) opposed to the special monument, it appears that the State has not rescinded on their decision to allow the Special Federal Monument on the Olustee State Park site.
We're  not willing to give up the battle yet, and I'm asking for your help.  It is time to intensify our opposition!
1. Will you please sign an online petition opposing the monument (if you haven't done so, already)?  Please sign it and forward it to friends and family to sign also.
We would like to present 1000 petitions (Between paper and online) to the officials at the Public Meeting on Monday night.
2. Would you please be willing to call or email the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection that oversees the Parks department?  Wouldn't it be great to fill up his inbox before the public meeting Monday night?  His email is His office phone number is: 850-245-2011  (see bio on Mr. Vinyard below)
Suggested message:   The will of the majority of the concerned citizens of Florida is being ignored with your agency's current plans to go forward with a Special monument to one side of the battle at Olustee.  The State of Florida, along with the citizens of Florida erected a fitting and proper monument to the American Veterans who participated in that conflict.  No special monuments are needed.  Please act to stop the special monument.
(Use your own words, please be polite).
3. Can you attend the public hearing this  Monday Night (Dec. 2)?  We want to "fill the house"!  Even if you don't want to make a public comment, there will be stickers and posters available to show your opposition to the "special monument".  We're organizing a group from Tampa, and we have seats available in our Van (let me know if you're in the Tampa area and would like to join in).  Organize a car pool – try to get as many people as you can to come. (see meeting info below)
If you're willing to speak, even brief comments will be effective "My name is ______, and I am here to oppose the proposed special monument on this site". Please be careful not to be viewed as opposed to "VETERANS MONUMENTS"…we just don't want that BIG monument at THIS park.
4. Ask other to join in? - Who do you know that lives in Florida that you can ask to do any or all of the above.  
Thank you for what you have done and what you will do for this important effort!  Let's all participate to make sure we win the second Battle of Olustee.
Lunelle Siegel
A Concerned Citizen for Protection of the Park