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From: Joan Cooper []
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 1:21 PM
To: Vitti, Nikolai; Hall, Constance
Cc: Oliver, Marsha R.
Subject: Forrest alumni survey
I have a MAJOR problem with the way this survey issue is being handled and I am sure the attorneys will have a field day.
You have not made any public announcements to anyone that this survey is taking place.  It is only by word of mouth that I found out.  That is hardly a democratic or fair way to conduct a survey as only a few select people will know about this.  Is that the desired intent?  To not let the people involved participate and only have a few selected surveys?
You are requiring that alumni provide proof of graduation.  My diploma is packed up in a box in a storage room in Georgia.  I do not have time to get there and unload the storage room looking for it.  So, I went on-line to request a copy of a transcript.  The return time is three weeks.  I WON'T GET THE PROOF UNTIL AFTER THE SURVEY DEADLINE. 
It would appear that the odds are stacked against the very people that are supposed to be giving an opinion. 
This whole situation really smells of a conspiracy.  Things done in the dark always come to light.  The voters will remember this come election time.
MRS. Joan Cooper
Class of 1970
I will be filing a separate complaint with the IT Department about filling out the request form.  I had to call three times to finally be told that every single blank had to be filled out with something in order to make the form process, not just the "starred" areas.  A definite communication problem there.