Sunday, December 8, 2013


My Brothers,
As you know I have never been reserved about expressing my views when it comes to our beloved Southern heritage. Neither have I lived my life with excessive concern for what others think of me, personally. My viewpoints draw enemy fire from time to time but that is a good thing as it indicates we have, indeed, made contact.  In better words I care very little about derogatory remarks made about me  - if I did, I would quit writing; simple as that. I never take the time to answer critics directly, because if I did, that is all I would ever get done.
However, an assault precipitated from a recent writing about Capt. Wirz, came in a November 3rd letter ( from Jim Sandefur of Lizella, Georgia which in which he said, "The only thing unfair about Wriz's hanging is that a lot of other Confederates weren't hanged with him."
Frankly, I am surprised that this did not unleash a firestorm of indignant protest from our ranks. I do not, and never will ask that you defend my name but I do expect that our collective DNA would compel us to rally to the excellent reputation of the Confederate soldier. That is our duty and I do not believe Mr. Sandefur's partisan remarks should go unanswered.

Your devoted friend, brother and Compatriot,

John Wayne Dobson
Macon, Georgia