Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3 Cheers For Pat Godwin!

To All:
Pat Godwin & those with the intestinal fortitude to stand their ground & fight IN for the Gen. Forrest Monument in Selma Alabama proves that we can win in court. It only takes the guts & courage to do so. She & all those involved in this fight to save a piece of our Southern history, heritage & culture should be awarded the South`s highest honors from all our organizations & recognized for being the modern-day Southern heroes that they are.
They should receive the respect & admiration they deserve for their actions instead of just delivering hollow words like so many do in our organizations. If you want to see real live Southern heroes look at them instead of those who hang medals, honors & awards on themselves for doing very little. They all deserve the Southern Medal of Honor in my humble estimation. They have earned our respect instead of demanding it.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama