Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Southern Brothers and Sisters in Arms

This is not intended to shame anyone.  I speak to those of you who read southern heritage newsletters and publications, see the pleas for support in the form of letters, emails, etc., yet never respond.  You say, "I'll get around to it," or "Maybe later," but somehow you never do, or it slips your mind.
Think about this.  Someday, when we've passed from this life, we will meet all those who have gone before - including General Lee, Stonewall, Patrick Cleburne, Old Joe Johnston and every soldier who served during the War Between The States.  We will embrace our soldier ancestors at last.
Will you be able to look them in the eye and say that you upheld their honor? Have you defended the Cause they held so dear? Will you be able to say that you did not fail to serve, break ranks or deserted?
All the veterans are gone.  They have no voice but us. 
They counted on history to vindicate their Cause.  History has failed them.
They left this life knowing that they upheld their honor, confident that it wouldn't' be forgotten.  It's being stripped away, and the precious lifeblood they spilled upon countless fields across our beloved homeland vilified.  Their honor, their courage and dedication has no voice and no defense but us.
I am not a military veteran.  My pen is my sword.  My battlefields are cyberspace and printed media.  I cannot serve as they did, but I cannot fail to serve in the war of public opinion. 
Can you say, with clear conscience, when you look into their eyes, "I kept the faith"?
Think about it.
Helaina Hinson
Occupied North Carolina