Tuesday, June 23, 2015

South Carolina Events Spread to Missouri


In light of all that has taken place in South Carolina recently, and the memorial service we conducted to honor  5 Missouri Partisan Rangers this past weekend, we the SCV here in Missouri just came under attack again.  At the memorial service this past weekend, as we do at just about all of our events, the Salute to the Confederate flag was said by those SCV members in attendance.  Well... the Columbia, MO newspapers got wind of this and I have been inundated with contacts from various media outlets.  If your camp is contacted, please attempt to route those contacts to and through me.  By doing this, we are giving one, consistent message to the press.  I ask you for your prayers as I deal with these people, that God might give me the right words to say.  Please also pray for all of us in the SCV and for the organization itself.  We are NOT what they say we are.  We MUST stand firm in our beliefs and our knowledge of the truth.  Please share with your camp memberships.
Darrell L. Maples - Commander
Missouri Division - SCV