Saturday, January 31, 2015

Charlottesville to Consider Dropping Lee-Jackson City Holiday

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Charlottesville to Consider Dropping Lee-Jackson City Holiday

A situation has come up very quickly in Charlottesville, Virginia, which requires the quick action of every SCV member who can e-mail or make a phone call to members of the City Council.

On this coming Monday evening (February 2nd) at its 7:00 p.m. meeting, the Charlottesville City Council will have a public hearing to consider ending the traditional Lee-Jackson official holiday in that city. The initiative is led by City Council member Kristin Szakos, who has also called for the removal of Confederate statues in that city.

Again, this is political correctness run amuck. It flies in the face of genuine understanding, is purposely insulting and divisive, and is the kind of thinking that disrespects history, tradition, and heritage. It is imperative that we communicate our positive feelings to that governmental body. Let them know how you feel in sincere terms, but please refrain as much as possible from name-calling and anger or anything that would feed their self-righteousness.

This potential action is narrow-minded and punitive to the feelings of the 70 million good Americans who are descended from those who fought for the Confederacy. They are not here to speak for themselves, so it is once again up to us.

Here is a contact list:

Mayor Satyendra Singh Huja
(434) 977-5094 (H)
(434) 981-8948 (C)

Vice Mayor Dede Smith
(434) 882-2933 ©

Kristin Szakos
(434) 987-1042 (C)

Kathy Galvin
(434) 249-6404 (C)

Bob Fenwick
(434) 249-3406 (C)

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Ben Jones
Chief of Heritage Operations

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