Sunday, February 1, 2015

A $2.04-to-$1 match will save 33 acres of Fleetwood Hill at Brandy Station!

Civil War Trust
Save Brandy Station
Save 33 Acres at Brandy Station!
J.E.B. Stuart's headquarters on Fleetwood Hill was practically defenseless when Union General David Gregg's cavalry attacked the most important strategic position on the Brandy Station battlefield. A courier, a cannon and a handful of Confederate soldiers were all that stood in the way of Union victory. Quick thinking and a few well-placed artillery rounds, however, gave Stuart the time he needed to reinforce the position. The fighting raged across Fleetwood Hill all afternoon, often devolving into a chaotic melee of hand-to-hand combat as both sides poured more men into the fight. Ultimately, the Confederates held the hill and emerged victorious from the first battle of the Gettysburg Campaign.
The Civil War Trust has been working for many years to preserve this essential strategic position. Thanks to you, much of Fleetwood Hill has been saved, and we have just completed demolition on two modern houses that marred this historic landscape. Now, we have the opportunity to build upon our past success and preserve another 33 acres – the bookends of Fleetwood Hill. With your help and a $2.04-to-$1 match, we can raise the $272,000 necessary to ensure that more of this crucial hill, which has been called "the most fought upon, marched upon and camped upon piece of ground in American history," is saved forever.