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SCV Telegraph- Arkansas Heritage Victory

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     On Wednesday, January 28th, 2015, the people of Arkansas witnessed a major victory in the struggle for heritage rights, common sense, and genuine brotherhood.
At the State Capitol in Little Rock, the House State Agencies and Government Affairs Committee rejected a proposal that would have removed Robert E. Lee from the State Holiday which jointly celebrates the lives of General Lee and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    According to news reports, "opponents of the measure packed the committee hearing room." The Arkansas Division of the S.C.V. was prominent in the opposition to this divisive piece of political correctness, and should be congratulated by all for their forthright actions.

    John Crain, an attorney from Mountain Home, said that removing General Lee from the holiday would mean that, "my ancestry and my heritage is not worth honoring. I think Martin Luther King, if he were here today standing beside me, would tell you, 'Why can't we celebrate a birthday of two men, one of color and a white man? Surely we've progressed that far in our race relations'."

    This victory for all Americans is surely to confuse and anger the apostles of sanctimonious division and "identity politics". The national media, ever committed to generating heat rather than light, will belittle us once again as racist troglodytes, and "demand a recount".

    But if we stand firm, and make our case sincerely, always taking the sensible high road , we will begin to make headway nationally as more people see that the "hate" in this debate is coming from those who wish to eliminate every vestige of our Confederate heritage.

    I once had the privilege of spending a few days aboard the U.S.S. Coral Sea, one of our nation's most honored aircraft carriers. I was curious about the old question, "How long does it take to turn an aircraft carrier around?"

    The Captain explained that it depended on any number of circumstances; the speed of the ship, the seas and the weather, the preparation of the deck and the readiness of the crew.

    "But the simple answer is," he smiled, "that with every crewman working together, it doesn't take as long as you think."

    With all of us working together in the concentrated effort to turn around the massive attack against us, it will take time, perhaps years. But it will not take as long as we think. And like the men on that great ship, it is our duty.

Ben Jones
Chief of Heritage Operations

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