Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Technology and the Confederate States of America

Mark Vogl, the Rebel Mountain Story Teller

Mark Vogl is at again.  Known as the Rebel Mountain Story Teller, Mark has been visiting groups and schools talking about the heroes of the South for close to a decade.  Author of  "The Military Lessons of the Civil War," "The Rebel Mountain Reader," and "Southern Fried Ramblings with Grits and All the Fixin's," Mark has been studying and writing about the War for Southern Independence for a life time. But Mark particularly enjoys developing and presenting unique and lesser reported aspects of the Southern War effort.
Mark's previous presentations include a forty minute, one man, one act play telling the story of Dick Dowling's life.  Dowling was the Irishman who confounded the Yankees invasion plans for Texas at Sabine Pass in Sept. 1863.  During the Christmas season Mark tells the little heard stories of Confederate Christmas.  Vogl also does some well researched presentations about Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis.
This time the Rebel Mountain Story Teller is talking about something not usually attributed to the South, technology! Mark said: "This presentation is a general survey of technology including some of the Confederacy's most top secret tools.  Most likely there will be one or more surprises for the audience!"  

This time the Rebel Mountain Story Teller is using a little technology of his own.  The presentation will be supported through a power point equipment. "I think it will really help people see just how ingenious the Confederates were in their attempt to break away from the Union and form their own nation," said Vogl.