Thursday, May 29, 2014

This "journalist" wants to ban Confederate Memorial Day.

This is what results when you combine Revised History, an altered Education System via Nationalization, and Advance an Ideology that has been in play for over 175 years allowing for the CREATION of IDEOLOGUES who HATE ANYTHING pre-dating their birth which remotely 'Connects the Dots' that once made them accountable & responsible...    
SOVEREIGNTY was once the cornerstone of the Republic's Foundation.
It was forged in God's image but 'Those People', as General Lee referred to them, are intent are destroying EVERYTHING thru Alteration & Deception.
Their 'nocturnal dalliance' with their own self-grandeur using Political Ideology as a bridge to further their Deception', created over decades and particularly ever since 1865, has allowed them the province to place many Americans upon a Stool of Guilt;  built from False Proxy's the likes of which appear in this article written by the Idiot whose 'thoughts' are every bit the same as those in Washington whose 'Kabuki 2-Step' is used to assail & further destroy the ramparts upon which OUR Republic was built.
This is what Ignorance begets- Arrogance!
And Arrogance in turn has spawned the current plague that has contributed to Foolish Appeasement allowing Those People the province to further themselves and their Ideology at the Country's expense & ours!
What's sadder is that America and her People were ALL once Confederates within a Republic whose Confederation was Sovereign above all else, but they have been so dumbed down, they DON'T KNOW IT!
And on this side of the Mason-Dixon we have an SCV Hierarchy who, equally, has run away from the charge they were given to defend, at ALL COSTS, what our ancestors represented!
So, and in closing, I will remind ALL AMERICANS once again that if YOU believe in the Jeffersonian Principles of Government, NO matter where YOU live, then that makes YOU a Confederate!
Idiots who write articles such as the one herein are as hopeless as they are hapless because they have drunk the Kool Aid and haven't a clue about their History but would force
Their Way upon One and All alike!
What's sadder yet, is that People like them couldn't Exist without us … after all, who would fight their Wars and provide them with the Freedom to express themselves while using OUR Money to support & sustain their sorry Political Pestilence of an Ideology?
Only a CONFEDERATE knows this because we fought a War to PREVENT THIS MADNESS!
I will remind Our Brothers within the SCV Camps that have aligned with us, as the Hierarchy has become an ego-centric extension much the same as Washington, THIS:
Aside from Stephen Lee's Charge, consider this as well: "Never Stand and Take a Charge….Charge Them Too!" - General Nathan Bedford Forrest

The Appeasement displayed by the SCV Hierarchy is as Shameful as it is Disgraceful and is a blight upon every Christian Confederate Soldier who ever shouldered a rifle or manned a RAMPART OR REDOUBT!
They have turned a Deaf Ear and a Blind Eye to You and ANY man-jack who has the gonads to declare themselves a Confederate and who is NOT afraid to so declare themselves, must stand up and be counted!
The Hierarchy hasn't stopped running since the NAACP issued their 1991 Proclamation!
Had they 'returned' Those Peoples' Charge, we would Not be in the damn predicament we are Today.
Remember that the next time y'all see the Christian Cross, Our Battle Flag, or are forced to read LIES like the one herein or are FORCED to have your children REMOVE their Confederate attire because it 'DISPLEASES' 'some' while theirs is…..Politically OK!
Y'all remember that!
'A Country that knows Not of Its Origin, NOR THE CREATOR WHOSE IMAGE IT WAS BUILT UPON, is like a Ship without a Rudder- Sooner or Later It Will Destroy Itself on the Reef of Stupidity!'
We MUST Separate and Restore the Government of the Confederation that was Never Surrendered.
Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America
Now in Our 22nd year of this Fight!