Saturday, May 17, 2014

Help Save Four Battlefields!

Civil War Trust

Civil War Trust
Save Four Battlefields

Save Four Battlefields

In Spring of 1864, newly appointed General-in-Chief Ulysses S. Grant had just one aim in mind: ending the war. To achieve this end, Grant ordered all Union armies to press the Rebels in every quarter of the Confederacy. Confederates in Virginia, Georgia, and Louisiana fought hard to resist the Yankee onslaught, exacting a fearful toll in blood as they parried Federal thrusts into the Southern heartland. By April of 1865, however, when Grant and Lee met at Appomattox, the long-sought end of the war had finally come.
The Civil War Trust now has the opportunity to save 306 acres at four battlefields that figured prominently in the last 12 months of the Civil War. With the help of a remarkable $10-to-$1 match, we are working to preserve land at Mansfield, Bentonville, Petersburg, and Appomattox, thus adding to hallowed ground we have already saved at these key battlefields from the war's final year.
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