Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014 Confederate Memorial Day at Higginsville, Missouri

This is set in stone UNLESS you contact someone listed below with your suggestion.
115th Anniversary of Supporting our Confederate Veterans
Lest we forget.”

WHEN - Saturday, June 7, 2014, four days after Jefferson Davis’ Birthday. Let’s make the old Veterans proud! 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Please bring your own lunch. You will need to eat a little earlier than usual. Lightning, fierce rain or a tornado will be the only reasons to move into the Chapel.

WHAT - The annual Missouri Confederate Memorial Day observance, with emphasis on the 800 souls who are buried in the Confederate Memorial State Historical Site. This year we will also be emphasizing the 150th Anniversary of many Civil War battles including Price’s Raid.

WHERE - Just north of Higginsville, MO at the Confederate Memorial State Historical Site. From I-70 go north on 13 Hwy, through Higginsville to AA and turn right (east). This site is under the control of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Allow extra time to see the new National Veterans Cemetery adjoining this site.

WHO MAY ATTEND AND PARTICIPATE - Any man, woman, or child who wishes to sincerely pay their respects to the Confederate soldiers and their families that are buried here. These 800 Southerners represent all those who participated in the “late, great unpleasantness”. They all suffered and sacrificed a great deal. The Memorial is open to all races, genders, creeds, religions, and residents from all states. It is respectfully requested that Northern state flags not be used. The American flag and all Southern flags, including the misused and misunderstood “Battle Flag” may be used. The more flags the better. We have had a great response from those wishing to participate but we want YOU. Call the coordinator as soon as possible. If you know of any children who might be interested in joining the Children of the Confederacy call Velma Cole, 660-343-3622(H) OR 660-221-5056 (C). Everyone in attendance will be given a flower in memory of their ancestor.

WHY - Memorial Day is meant to be more than a three day weekend. The State of Missouri does not have an official Confederate Memorial date. The men at the Home tried to use the Sunday closest to Jefferson Davis’ birthday on June 3th. We are trying to carry on that tradition but are using the Saturday closest to Davis’ birthday. The Sons and the Daughters of Confederate Veterans are charged with “NOT FORGETTING”. Our Missouri site, which is in the top three in the country, is unique, special, and better preserved. Let’s take advantage of this great facility. The 800 souls here deserve one day of our attention. If those of us with Southern heritage do not care WHO WILL?

  1. All final decisions will be made through Jim Rehard, Northern Missouri Historic District Supervisor.
  2. This is a MEMORIAL SERVICE not a forum for politics or political correctness.
  3. The DNR does not allow black powder, ammunition or modern weapons of any kind on these grounds. ALL weapons are subject to inspection by Jim Beckner or any DNR employee. Do not let children of any age under 16 handle any kind of weapon. Cannon are welcome but cannot be fired so do not bring the ammunition.

Wade Ankesheiln - Site Administrator for the Confederate Memorial State Historical Site - 660-584-2853 FAX 660-584-5134 or 573-489-6415
Don Aprill - CMFA President - 660-584-2094: 1704 North Main, Higginsville, MO 64037
Jim Beckner - Coordinator/ MC - 816-322-3736 - jandjrnch@hotmail.com FAX 816-322-3736
Children of the Confederacy / Velma - 660-343-3622
Mary Bess Green - Missouri UDC president - 573-999-9450
Darrell Maples MO SCV Division Commander – 573-635-8815
Janae Fuller - Administrator, Battle of Lexington and Confederate Memorial Sites - 660-259-4654

CMFA – Permission to use flag plaza, all flags up, publicity, information on Bed & Breakfasts/motels/RV parking, information booth, and all monies go through their treasury.
DNR - Grounds mowed, 50 chairs, speaker system, restroom facilities, security, handicapped parking, and checking those who wish to have information booths or sell items by May 20, 2014.
COORDINATOR & MC - Marketing, public relations, setting final program, period music, getting sponsors, the Color Guard, TAPS, and securing flowers.
WADE – Shares responsibility of the DNR, program printing, and three stories of the old inmates.
CW Reenacting Units that wish to set up tents and/or do living history and recruiting are welcome.
CHILDREN OF THE CONFEDERACY - laying of wreath, handing out flowers, and helping in any other way needed.

Those wishing to have informational booths or sell items should check with Wade Ankesheiln by May 20, 2014.
To be listed as a sponsor on the program the cost is $15.00. Individual chapters and camps can list themselves separately, individuals and other related organizations may also be sponsors. The money will help to defray expenses. Any funds left over will go to the CMFA. Please make checks to CMFA and send to CMFA, PO Box 332, Higginsville, MO, 64037.
If you wish to be a sponsor send your money by May 20, 2014.

Dear Darrell and Mary Bess,
We are very hopeful that this year each unit and chapter will be a sponsor as well as the Missouri State Divisions. We are also trying to involve more historical organizations such as the County Historical Society and the Higginsville Historical Society both of which Wade is going to contact. Jim will contact all the Round Tables and Harold will contact fringe groups such as the Younger Association. LET’S MAKE THIS THE BEST YEAR EVER!

Lest we forget.

9:00 A.M. - Children of the Confederacy, MO State Meeting in Married Couple’s Home
10:00 - Need a meeting time?/ Visit Vendors, friends, look at displays, Period Music.
10:30 - Chapel – Don Ross “The Story of the Confederate Brazil”
11:00 - Chapel – Wade Ankelsheiln “Naval History”
11:30 - Lunch - bring your own lunch
12:15 P.M. - Parade to the Cemetery
12:45 - Confederate Memorial Day Service - Parade enters
1:00 - Color Guard presents Colors, Pledge, Salute, & Charges
1:10 - Welcome
1:15 - Invocation
1:18 - Recognition of Groups
1:21 - “Why we Gather”
1:23 - 3 Stories of real Confederate Heroes
1:35 - Responsive Reading
1:40 - Commander’s Comments
1:45 - President’s Comments
1:50 - Children of the Confederacy Comments
1:54 - Recognition of Confederate Ancestors - everyone
2:00 - “Dixie”
2:02 - Closing
2:04 - Benediction
2:06 - Retire Colors


  1. Responsible for grounds keeping, chairs, program printing, speaker system, and restroom facilities – Department of Natural Resources.
  2. DNR and Jim Beckner will be responsible for coordinating all the entities.
  3. Anyone interested in participating in the program itself should immediately inform the program coordinator, Jim Beckner at 816-322-3736.
  4. The Program Coordinator has volunteered to be the Master of Ceremonies for 2014.
  5. The CMFA and the DNR will be responsible for placing the 800 flags and local publicity.
  6. The Friends Association will run all funds through their treasury. PC will be responsible for obtaining the flowers and wreath.
  7. Every attempt will be made to keep the program traditional and meaningful. The final decisions on the program will be made by Jim Rehard, Northern MO Historic Dist. Supervisor; Janae Fuller; Wade Ankesheiln; and the program coordinator.
  8. Civil War Reenacting Units that wish to set-up tents, and/or do living history and recruit are welcome.
  9. To be listed as a sponsor on the program the cost is $15.00. Please make check to CMFA and mail to: CMFA, PO Box 332, Higginsville, MO, 64037
  10. It is hoped that the Missouri Division of SCV and the UDC will be sponsors as well as individual camps and chapters throughout the state.
  11. Individual chapters and camps will be listed separately.
  12. Individuals and other related organizations may also be sponsors.
  13. The money goes to defray expenses. Any funds left over will go to the CMFA.
  14. All deadlines must be met by May 20, 2014.
  15. Every person in attendance will be given a flower in memory of their ancestor to be placed on a grave or the Memorial Lion.
  16. The color guard will be under the control of the Missouri SCV Color Guard officer.
  17. The responsibility for inviting the Governor/other politicians to attend and/or speak will be up to the DNR.
  18. The near-by fair grounds will be available for RV parking.
  19. Call Arlene at the Friends Association – 660-584-2031 - for Bed-and-Breakfasts and motels in the area.
  20. Jim Beckner will provide period musicians to play before and during the program.
  21. Those wishing to have informational booths or sell items should check with Wade Ankesheiln, 660-584-2853, before the deadline of May 20, 2014.
  22. Please do not park in spaces reserved for the Handicapped.