Saturday, May 3, 2014

NC WBTS Sesquicentennial Commission Members Address academy students

Commission members Thomas jolly of tabor city and Bernhard Thuersam of Wilmington spoke to the history students of Megan Weaver at the Columbus Career and College Academy in Fair Bluff, North Carolina on 16 April.

Both presenters were in uniform and spoke on a variety of topics related to the various causes of the war between the states, why north Carolina withdrew from the union of states, black soldiers in the southern army, and how the war's result is connected to many issues we face today in America.

All students were encouraged to view the past with perspective and through the eyes of its participants -- and ponder why a peaceful solution to the perplexing question of slavery was not promoted by the north instead of war.

This program is part of the sesquicentennial commission's continuing outreach to North Carolina schools, and follows the recent living history program presented to students of a Duplin County High School.

To bring commission members to speak at schools near you, simply email Bernhard Thuersam at

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