Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Get the Flag Flying at Higginsville!

The media hype has run its course for the most part, and we know the flag still isn't flying at Higginsville.  The politicians are probably hoping we just go away at this point.  We are still hopeful that we get to meet with DNR, but who knows what will come from that?  So with all this in mind, I am asking for you, the membership to take on a "personal sign" campaign if you can.  All of our camps will most likely be at various events in the coming months, and that gives us an opportunity to have booths, etc.  At these booths and events, it would be beneficial to have signs that read "Put the flag back at Higginsville", or something of that nature.  If nothing else, it will hopefully generate questions from the public and may even generate new members in the process.
I would also ask that you make calls to the Governor's office --- not just once, but on a regular basis, weekly perhaps.  If we continue to flood the Governor's office with phone calls and email, we might get a meeting with him, time will tell.  This is important, continued pressure via communicating with the Governor's offices is one way to get a message through.
Again, based on past history, I am cautiously optimistic at best.  But it is our duty to try, and try we will.
We need to call out the dogs, please share with your camp memberships.
Confederate Regards,
Darrell Maples - Commander
MO Division - SCV