Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Folio Weekly: Debate over Nathan B. Forrest High School

FYI, The Folio Weekly (Dec 25-31, 2013), weighs in with an article concerning the renaming of Nathan Bedford Forrest High School, Jacksonville, Fl.
The Folio Weekly is known for its very liberal left wing political views and the writer for this story is a Susan Cooper Eastman.  She begins her story: "I saw it Halloween night, this maw of racial animus that seems to be the putrid compost of Jacksonville's magnolia blossom gentility."

I believe that her story is extremely offensive to southern people and to our southern heritage roots and would encourage everyone to send emails to Folio Weekly ( expressing your comments and concerns.  The snail mail address for Folio Weekly is 9456 Phillips Highway, Suite 11, Jacksonville, Fl  32256 Phone (904.260.9770) FAX  (904.260.9773).

Also, FYI, The writer, Susan Cooper Eastman is not listed on the Folio Weekly Staff of  (26) listed writers, but signs her name & (
Her story is not written as a true investigative (fair and balanced reporter) but appears to be her own opinion and editorial.

Folio Weekly Article:  What the Debate over Nathan B. Forrest High School Says About Us
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