Tuesday, January 7, 2014

American Revolution Descendants


I may have sent some of you this before.  This is a great reminder that our Confederate/Southern ancestors' grandfathers fought in the 1st American Revolution. Never forget the men that fought in our 2nd War of Independence were the grandsons of the men that fought in our 1st War of Independence.

My family - John Robert Burks was the great grandson of Edmund Roberts who was at the early Battle of Moores Creek Bridge in Feb 1776.

Alfred Wallace was the grandson of John Wallace, an Ensign in Rockbridge Militia during the American Revolution. John's father Peter Wallace provided supplies and 6 sons fought with 4 perishing in the War.

William Gabbert was the Grandson of Charles DePauw who landed in 1780  with Rochambeau and was one of 220 Hussars in Lauzan's Legion. His other grandfather was George Gabbert in the Virginia Militia and George's father Mathias provided supplies to the United States Army.

There are more but this illustrates that the descendants of the 1st Patriots were involved in the 2nd War for Independence and it wasn't over slavery. I believe the link is educational.


Bob Capps