Saturday, January 11, 2014

Black Confederates--our friends!

If the north had lost we would have treated them with fairness and justice.  Lee's way and not Grant & Sherman's and the Marxist Republican leaders who had insisted that the Republican controlled U.S. Congress voted —and mandate TORTURE of the most hideous types (not merely water bucket stuff) to be forced on Confederate soldiers held captive in Union prisons.  As a direct result, no matter how many high sounding excuses the brainwashed by the Marxists historian give us, our young kids, some even 12 years old= were DELIBERATELY frozen, forced to RIDE THE MULE (a major torture machine promising to ruin testicles, etc.) and to STARVE, die from deliberate exposure to typhoid, die from polluted water.  Even two former Chicago mayors were so revolted by the Congress's act that they attempted to give some food to the starving boys and, as a result, were themselves imprisoned.  The rest of the Chicago citizens, however, were not very Christian---they paid their money, climbed up in watch towers and enjoyed being entertained by all of the tortures and even by watching the captives go to the bathroom in the dug ditches.

I do love Yankees.  They are so sweet and so noble!

Maryland was a Southern State.  Lincoln had the legislature locked up and the Governor so they couldn't vote to secede.

They missed an opportunity when the Yankees were talking about our flag---they failed to say that only the USA flag ever flew over a slave ship.

Unreconstructed Joan