Tuesday, January 21, 2014

150th remembrance event which will incorporate the battle of Camden Point

Hello all!
Hope you are having a nice week. I was wanting to talk with you (and any interested parties) about the upcoming 150th remembrance event which will incorporate the battle of Camden Point and events surrounding this area. We are planning on having a reenactment June 28 of this year (around 1 pm Saturday), with another reenactment on Sunday early afternoon.
Some of the events we are also looking at doing – all of which the public would be invited to attend:
- A remembrance ceremony at the Pleasant Grove cemetery (where the markers for the soldiers are)
- Reenactors marching in the Camden Point Freedom Festival Parade (as we’ve done in prior years)
- A period church service (sunday morning)
- A period recruitment event (featuring Coon Thornton being presented with the Protect Missouri Flag made by the ladies of Camden Point)
- The impact of the event on the local community
- And there will also be some artifacts on display which I’ve collected from the battleground, as well as live period music, open campsites for touring, and plenty of learning opportunities for all.
NOTE: Please see the attached logo created for the event. This features historically accurate flags – the “Protect Missouri” flag is the actual design of the flag which the ladies of Camden Point gave to Coon Thornton, and is currently housed somewhere in a Colorado museum). This logo could be used on commemorative posters, mugs or shirts.
If any of the local churches or lodges would be interested in helping, please let me know. We might like help on a meal or picnic lunches for around 150 reenactors. As with the Reenactment that happened back in 87 or 88 (which I attended as a young boy), I think this could be a nice event to bring folks together and help educate as to our community history.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
P.S. Please feel free to forward to any on the 175th committee or other relevant folks, as I couldn’t find the e-mail addresses for some folks.