Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tampa, Florida Confederate Memorial Park

To all,

It is my pleasure and duty to announce the final phase of the park has been completed. 17 plaques plus soldiers' and sponsors' names were applied to the various granite monuments surrounding the 139 foot flag pole which stands as a bold statement for the bravery and sacrifice that depicts the 12,000 Floridians who answered the call to duty in 1861-1865.

With the determined guidance of Division Commander Jim Davis and assistance from the General Jubal A. Early Camp 556 we can all be proud of a magnificent production which began 7 years past. There were numerous smaller factions who contributed time and effort with the original construction but the final ingredients came together Thursday.

It is my hope everyone will visit the site sometime in the future and bask in the pride which was created for the purpose of stating historical facts as opposed to revisionism and slanderous untruths.

The Early Camp takes responsibility for maintaining the flags and grounds with extreme pride and the colorful sign out front proclaims that fact.

Forward the Colours
Mike Herring
Commanding Officer
Gen. Jubal A. Early
Camp 556  SCV Tampa