Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Chuck & All,
I had the misfortune & un-pleasurable experience of getting into an email argument several years ago with "Colonel" Bateman over the constitutional points leading up to our War for Southern Independence. You are throwing your pearls before swine & wasting your time trying to debate facts with this text book epitome of a damned-yankee.
No matter how many facts you present him with he is never going to see the Southern side of this conflict. He is a secular liberal who thinks all godliness comes from men in the New England States. In his mind the north must be right as they militarily won the war. In short, "might makes right" so all facts & points to the contrary are non-debatable in his left-wing, abolitionist mindset.
Even Abe Lincoln, the socialist admirer of Karl Marx admitted that, "in saving the Union I have destroyed the (Constitutional) Republic. If yankee liberals won`t even accept the words of the " Great Emancipator " when he admits to destroying the Constitutional Republic George Washington & the Founding Fathers had established & built, he certainly will not listen to facts & reason from anyone else.
The best way to deal with a liberal like Bateman is to ignore him & let his voice become a cry in the wilderness to those who have studied both sides of this conflict & still love the Old Union of the Founding Fathers before people like Abraham Lincoln & Col. Bateman destroyed it in the name of saving it.
However, if you enjoy this fruitless endeavor with him by all means, go after him. There might be an outside chance you might teach him a few facts but, I doubt it as his mind is closed. I wrote him off years ago as just another holier-than-thou, salt of the earth damned-yankee who thinks God put him in a superior intellectual position above everyone & everything else. He just another typical know-it-all yankee not worthy of anyone's time or benefit of their knowledge.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama   
Tom DiLorenzo has pointed out that today's authors no longer deny Lincoln's unconstitutional actions neither do they excuse them, but they REJOICE in them saying that the nation he produced (a statist empire) was/is preferable to the nation of the Founders. That's the way they think today, so our arguments are pointless and, frankly, a waste of time. Life is to short to waste it on the stupid and the wicked.
Valerie Protopapas


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To Mr. Sanford from Facebook. I love dealing with these typical Yankees and exposing their lack of historical knowledge. I regularly take on academics whose education is way beyond my own. I do not have a Facebook account but you are more than welcome to contact me through SHAPE.

George Purvis
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