Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fwd: Help Save Glendale!

Civil War Trust
Save Glendale

A New Opportunity at Glendale

On June 30, 1862, the Army of Northern Virginia had one of its best chances to destroy the Army of the Potomac. Confederate soldiers under James Longstreet and A.P. Hill clashed with the divided Federal force along the Long Bridge Road at Glendale. The Yankees were on the run but the swift arrival of blue-clad reinforcements blunted the Confederate assault. The coming of night ended the fighting at Glendale, allowing the beaten—but intact—Union army to withdraw.
Now, with developers crowing that major development in this portion of Henrico County is only a matter of time, the Civil War Trust has the chance to preserve 57 acres at the heart of the Glendale battlefield. These tracts along the Long Bridge Road—where Longstreet's and Hill's Confederates locked horns with McCall's and Kearny's Federals—are adjacent to and across the road from preserved land at Glendale, allowing us the opportunity to add to the 619 acres we have already saved at this key Seven Days' battle.
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