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The last year has been the worst for our Southern heritage since the end of Reconstruction.

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The time for action is now.

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It's safe to say that the last year has been the worst for our Southern heritage since the end of Reconstruction.
Beginning here in South Carolina with the removal of the Confederate Battleflag from beside the Confederate Soldiers' Monument on the Statehouse grounds, we have seen an endless string of attacks on our flags, monuments, and even the very graves of our noble Confederate ancestors.
Last July, when the powerful forces of political correctness were bearing down on the Palmetto State, our legislators, many of whom had previously pretended to be an ally, cowered under the heat of the national media spotlight.
When the actual vote came down in the State Senate, only three Senators voted right, but only one Senator took the floor to unashamedly defend our heritage and make the case to keep it flying: that Senator was SCV Compatriot Lee Bright.
Sen. Bright made a forceful and courageous stand, not only on the floor of the Senate, but he braved numerous interviews with the national media, all while being excoriated and threatened for refusing to toe the party line.
I hope you haven't forgotten about the courageous stand Sen. Bright took because, I can tell you, our enemies haven't.
At the time of the vote last year, they vowed to defeat Sen. Bright in his re-election. They want to be rid of him, and they are spending tens of thousands of dollars on radio and television attacking Sen. Bright for his conservative stands on everything from government spending to his fight to prevent President Obama from forcing us to open the ladies bathroom to men who "identify" as women.
Because of that, Sen Bright is in a tough re-election bid. These liberal groups want to put his head on a pike, because if they can defeat him, they can intimidate anybody else who dares to stand up to them.
And don't think the fight is over. Just last week, Governor Nikki Haley announced she now wants to get rid of the historic Confederate Battleflag displayed in the Chapel at The Citadel.
I hope I don't need to convince you that we need to become much more aggressive in fighting back against these repeated insults to our ancestors' sacred memory.
The first step is to join ranks with Sen. Bright.
The election is just a few days away: June 14. Please take a moment, right now, and make a contribution to Sen. Bright's re-election campaign.
Sen. Bright has some great television and radio commercials but right now we're being overwhelmed by the opposition.
Sen. Bright stood up for us last year, now is our chance to stand up for him. Now is our chance to regroup and begin returning fire.
In addition to making a contribution, you can also volunteer to help the campaign by sending an email to Using an internet-based system you can make calls from anywhere.
As Robert Burns so eloquently put it:
Lay the proud usurpers low!
Tyrants fall in every foe!
Liberty's in every blow!—
         Let us do or die!

Thank you.

Christopher M. Sullivan
(864) 660-9188

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