Friday, June 24, 2016

Fw: J, will you support our teachers?

Civil War Trust
Dear J,
For many of us, our first introduction to the Civil War came through a teacher. A good teacher can turn dry facts into an engaging experience that stirs their students' imaginations. They not only teach the key lessons of our history, they inspire kids to care about our past and our hallowed ground.
Unfortunately, with shrinking school budgets and increasingly strict education standards, teachers are being asked to do more and more with less and less. As a result, our teachers have less time and fewer resources to devote to teaching the Civil War.
To reverse this trend, the Civil War Trust established our National Teacher Institute, a free professional development experience that provides K-12 educators with all the tools they need to teach the Civil War in creative and engaging ways. Now in its 20th year, our Teacher Institute has become the world's best Civil War professional development conference. Attendees walk Civil War battlefields with noted historians, get behind-the-scenes tours of museums, and—most importantly—connect with fellow educators to share strategies for tackling the unique challenges teachers face.
Less than a month from now, nearly 200 teachers are signed up to join us for the 2016 National Teacher Institute in Richmond, Virginia. This promises to be an excellent event! But, with just nineteen days before the event kicks off—giving teachers from around the U.S. this enriching experience—we have learned that a source of funding will not come through this year. We need $20,000 to cover the remaining cost of this year's institute.
Will you help provide this experience for educators and, in turn, inspire and excite the next generation of Americans about their history?
By sending teachers to Richmond, you are allowing them to receive crucial education sources like lesson plans and multimedia materials—things they can take back to the classroom for the upcoming school year. You are giving our nation's educators the opportunity to learn from Civil War experts, including Bud Robertson and Kevin Levin. You are giving teachers FREE continuing education units and certifications through Virginia Tech. And you are giving teachers an amazing experience that will get them prepared and refreshed for the upcoming year!
School is out for summer, but teachers are just beginning their most important lesson planning. Let's ensure that our students are receiving the best possible Civil War education. Please help support our Teacher Institute so educators across the country can inspire the next generation and instill a passion for history.
'Til the Battle is Won
Jim Lighthizer
P.S. You can help inspire students across America. Please support our Teacher Institute and help us raise $20,000 today.
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