Friday, June 10, 2016

Fwd: Save Five Virginia Battlefields!

Civil War Trust
5 Battlefields
Dear J,
Today, we are pleased to announce a new opportunity to save 313 acres at five Virginia battlefields. These battlefields—Williamsburg, Gaines' Mill, Ream's Station, White Oak Road, and Sailor's Creek—represent a significant cross-section of Virginia's rich Civil War history from the early campaigns around Richmond to Lee's retreat to Appomattox Court House. Saving this hallowed ground is exactly why the Civil War Trust exists.
As a lover of history, you probably know that Virginia was the most fought-over state of the Civil War. The war's first major battle—Bull Run (Manassas)—took place in the Old Dominion. Richmond, Virginia was also the capital of the Confederacy, and thus was the focal point of numerous campaigns. And, of course, Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House has long been viewed—both then and now—as the symbolic end of the Civil War. Simply put, Virginia was at the center of the conflict. Throughout the war, the nation's attention was riveted on the Old Dominion.
It should be no surprise that—thanks to members like you—we have already saved more than 22,000 acres of battlefield land in Virginia. That's far more land than in any other state. But when you consider just how much American history occurred in the Old Dominion, it's easy to understand why we—and you—have done so much work there.
This effort—which features an incredible $10.80-to-$1 match—will save nearly $1 million worth of hallowed ground for just $91,000. These are battlefields that you and I have already worked to preserve, where a combined 34,500 Americans became casualties in our nation's defining conflict. In each case, we will be building on previous successes and bringing these battlefields one step closer to completion and honoring the memory of those who fought there.

'Til the Battle is Won,
Jim Lighthizer
Bitter End

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