Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Letter to Charlottesville Board Members


John Randolph of Roanoke said "Anarchy is the chrysalis-state of despotism." I see no greater example than the striking of a holiday to honor two men who faithfully and honorably served God and Country, in a futile attempt to appease and propitiate a handful of agitators.

I have witnessed firsthand the "mob mentality" of your board meeting last night. It is on video tape. That may be the way folks handle civic affairs where you were born, but it is a far cry from the way we Southerner's handle things here.

I have deep, deep roots in Virginia back to Jamestown as well as the Monacan Indian Nation. My people fought and died for our freedom since the Revolutionary War. My own 4th great grandfather from Virginia sustained 54 stab wounds yet survived that horrible day at Kings Mountain. However he lost 2 sons and 2 brothers that same day.  I have over 200 ancestor's, mostly from the Shenandoah Valley, who fought for the Confederacy. Have you read about these folks as "real" people instead of pointing fingers, calling them traitor's or slaver's? These people, including my own, could barely afford shoes let alone slaves. None of them lived the life of Scarlett O'Hara on Tara. They were farmers, some just first generation who left Europe for freedom to make their own lives here. No ma'am,  these folks took up arms when their own farms and homes were invaded.  They weren't fighting to make some plantation owner even more wealthy, they fought for Virginia, their home. The South was not fighting to keep slaves any more than the north was fighting to free them. Historical documentation will prove these points.

You folks not born and raised here do not know how we feel about our own. From early childhood we have learned who our grandfathers were clear back to the old country. We honor our ancestor's, build monuments out of respect, and revere them still. We honor the "person", our history and heritage, not popular politics of the day. I don't expect you to understand this way of thinking or our way of life. However, I do expect you to do your duty to protect our history and heritage with you agree with it or not.

I hope you read up on General R.E. Lee and General Stonewall Jackson, as "people" and not through political eyes. The war was about much more than slavery, much, much more. As an individual in a position such as yourself, it would serve you well to devote your time learning instead of pointing an accusing finger and bending to the few that are hell bent on destroying Virginia and our country!!!

Pamela M. Steele
Nashville, TN